Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Second Sucking

Download second_sucking.mp3

I was very impulsive, so between 2 phone calls, I wrote this song and recorded it. But not the drum part. But then I did the drum part after another couple phone calls. It's decent enough. I'd recorded another song on Saturday, but sometimes the ones that just pop out, the ones you just pull outta the air, are nice. But I want the bass to be louder, but I'm not sure which speakers I can trust.


jack raffin said...

yeah, dig this, man.

"sometimes the ones that just pop out, the ones you just pull outta the air, are nice."

yes! boy, that can be a satisfying feeling.

also, speaking of music that reminds one of other music, yr comment reminded me that some of your stuff totally reminded me of king missile - the dog fly religion stuff. in the rhythms, vocals.

"nightly beams from her eyes"

all right! dig.

jack raffin said...

hey, is there are keyboard in there? or is that the bass? (not to make you feel worse about the bass volume...)

also: yeah, what speakers to trust. i know what you mean, man. i really only have my damn laptop speakers to listen off. sometimes i can't tell if the stuff i upload is too quiet or not.

becky said...

Hey Jack, thanks for the comments; made my day! Yeah, I was really happy when that song came out, 'specially since I'm feeling sort of in a dry-spell these days. Yeah, the low instrument is the bass (more to the left in the speakers) and the more mid-rangey instrument (more to the right in the speakers) is the keyboard. I may remix it to bring the bass out more. It was real confusing cuz my headphones (brand new pair, so I dunno how accurate they are) were telling me the bass was fine, but the level indicators on my recorder told me the bass was too loud (shoulda gone with what the headphones were tellin' me). Cool!

morsel music said...

"Speakers I can trust" - sounds like a good concept for a new song! ha, I know just what you mean.

Christy said...

Wow, I really like this one. The keyboard makes it for me. It's so nice and poignant and kind of resigned, in a sad/funny way. My kinda music!

becky said...

Yay, thanks, Christy! I know whatcha mean; I like songs that have that mix of poignancy and resignation and the like. I 'specially like the resignation in this one, like when it talks about the purple sky. it's all dreamy and saddddd.

Yeah, I like that song idear, Morselmusic, "speakers I can trust" - I may steal that idea from you!