Friday, September 12, 2008

More Second Suckingness

Here's an illustration for second sucking.

I've been thinking a wee bit 'bout witches who lose their power. I think that might be one o' the topics in my next novel, cuz sometimes it feels like that's what I am.

Crap, gotta start working!


morsel music said...

Hey Becks, what program do you use to record your songs?

becky said...

Hey Morsel Music,

Letsee here, first I use a Boss BR-8 digital 8 track recorder. They don't even make 'em anymore cuz they're going obsolete cuz you record onto 100 MB Zip Disks (getting harder and harder to find). Roland/Boss has newer versions of it that record onto either CD's or have their own hard-drives.

Then after that's done, I mix it down onto SoundEdit on my Mac. It's a pretty old version of sound edit; I'm not sure how the newer versions of it would compare. But, yeah. That creates AIFF files that I then convert to MP3 files in iTunes. It's kinda cool, cuz you can record something from scratch and have it on the internet all in the same day.

morsel music said...

Awesome, thanks for giving up your trade secrets ;) Keep the tunes coming!