Thursday, August 28, 2008

Radioactive Space-Gum

Download radioactive_space_gum.mp3

Okay, I went for it, man. I feel like my recent recordings sound like ass, but then again, I wanna keep on updating this blog. I think this song has potential, so I may continue to work on it, doin' some revisions and the like. So, here's what I'll call the rough version, yesiree.


jack raffin said...

hey, i dig the layered sound this one has, which reminds of the spaceship song (which i liked better, i think). or maybe i'm just to listening to my own crap too much, which is usually one instrument, one voice. haha.

i wouldn't get ready to crap on the recent sci-fi trilogy, by saying it sounds like ass, however, i mean, dig that brooding quality in sound and vocals on the captain picard song. or is it the LA smog talking, i dunno.

Christy said...

nice! that's a lot o' harmonies, there! neato!