Friday, February 10, 2017

Eh Pobisseray

This song is weird, in the sense that the backwards version has a different mood than the forwards version. Or, like, this here is the backwards version, and it sounds more major than the forwards version, which sounds more minor. The forwards version is a teeny tiny bit on the dark side, and this backwards version sounds almost celebratory. Although the words "eh pobisseray" are almost a little ominous sounding. 

Technically speaking, the guy with the mustache actually just has a receding hairline, rather than male pattern baldness, per se. However, I drew him as a pattern-baldness guy because it's easier to draw bald men than men with hair.


Dude, I'm reposting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe link again, in case you want to give 'em any money. Here's why: it looks like that fucking fucking fucking fucking damn pipeline is gonna be built. So here's the link, so you can give 'em money so they can buy bottled water when their water source gets contaminated.

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