Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rockin' Christmas Eve

Okay, this is my newest recordin' (a couple weeks old). It's a poopypoopymix poopy mix! Blehhhhhhh! This mix gives me great shame, but I'll stick it on here anyway. Heh.

Download What use

I'm not sure what to call this song cuz it could be called What Use or What Good or A Bigger Infinity. I was trying to go for the '80's keyboard sound, I guess. It's not a type of '80's keyboard you woulda heard on the radio in the '80's, though, cuz the keyboard I used is the kind that parents bought little kids of Christmas back in the '80's. Little kids who took piano lessons and thought they could sound real rockin' with a nice Casio keyboard, bought at Gemco (which was bought by Target).


Kenny P. said...

If you take the first letters of "How Can I Get To A Bigger Infinity" (HCIGTABI) and mix 'em up you get "A Big Itch." I think that could be a good title.

becky said...

Damn, that would be a good title! It totally works!