Friday, December 19, 2008

100th Post

Ah-hah! I feel so advanced cuz I learned how to convert AIFF files into MP3 files on this here work computer (instead of working). I have, on this here Traveldrive, many, many songs I recorded about, letsee here, 11 years ago (man, I'm old) that I'd converted over from cassette tape about a year ago.

This one:

Star trek song is from a time period in my life, long, long ago, when I had a boyfriend who really had a thing for thumb-pianos. And he liked to use a pie plate as percussion. We did a bunch of recordings where we recorded ourselves improvising stuff for long periods o' time, yes indeedy. If you guys are fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation, this song's about an episode, is it called "The Chase?" It's one where Picard's old mentor, this old-fart archaeology professor comes to the enterprise, and there's all this stuff that happens, and you find out why all the aliens on Star Trek look like humans. Yeah. Nice to be posting songs again, even if I'm not writin' 'em. Please excuse the improvisational nature o' this one, ha ha ha.


jack raffin said...

hahaha! oh man this one made me laugh! no eyes sitting on top of buttholes for these star trek aliens, huh. hahaha. man, yeah this sounded like a lotta fun.

and man! yeah now i know what that episode's called. been REALLY meaning to watch that one. never got around to the later seasons. although, that's when it got better? i dunno, i remember that first season being real crappy, though it picks up around season 3-4. in my opinion, that is.

becky said...

Yeah, the later seasons are so much better than Season 1 and 2! Season 3 really is when they start to hit their stride. I think Season 5's my favorite (although 4, 6, and 7 are fabulous, too). Man, I sound like a nerd!

jack raffin said...

yeah that's the thing with star trek, you can't talk about without sounding like a nerd. damn.

... well, see, if i had to improvise a verse for that new song on my blog, in which all mine buddies give me a hello at the chorus, i'm thinking:

i wanna be with the girl named becky
she's a real star trekky
she's a real go-getter
she also plays guitar but i think much better


becky said...

Hah, that's great! It's funny, cuz it took years to find a word that rhymes with my name, and I think trekky may be then only one that does!

I'd give ya a hello in the chorus, most definitely!