Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Shoot, man, I forgot to bring a little disky drivey thing to upload a song with, poop poop poop. My brain was too frozen this morning. Man, my car said it was "37 degrees" outside, and I'm like, dude. This is supposed to be LA or something. LA's the land o' sandles and shorts, and I was freezing cuz I didn't have no gloves or scarves or anything. Bleh. It's cold everywhere. It's cold in the Northwest and cold all over California and cold in Las Vegas, too. It's a new ice age. Oh, man how boring is this? I'm talking about the weather!

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Kenny P. said...

I remember 2 years ago when we first got Pepper and I had to take her outside at all hours it got down into the low 20s...I think it may have even dipped below 20...I have a hazy recollection of 17 degrees. That was cold, too.