Saturday, August 2, 2008

Update Poopy Poopy-Ones

Hi all, I found a computer to mooch off of, poops poops poops-ones. Moving sucks cuz sometimes you don't get internet access, and you have to get people you know to check your email for you. Man, it's so primitive, man. I mean, like, havin' people you know tell you what your email is over the phone cuz you cain't check it, yourself. But, like, I was expectin' I might get sumpin from my future boss, and I was right, so I'm glad I had another person check my email for me and tell me what it was over the phone.

Anywayyyyys, I wrote a new song this week, but, sadly, it's a plagiarism of a song I've already written. I'm-a-gonna record it and post it anyway, cuz what the hell. No one'll be able to tell anyway, cuz I'm the only one who's heard the other song I plagiarized. Hah.

So, yeah, man, stay tuned until I either 1. find that I CAN, indeed, mooch offa the work-computers for internet stuff or 2. break down and get internet service at my place, once ATT&T fixes the dumb telephone wires that've been chewed through by either a squirrel or a rat.


jack raffin said...

wow, rats sabotaging your telephone wires/ there's a song in that, i'm sure of it...

becky said...

Hey, great suggestion! Yeah, I think I'll try writin' a song about that! Cool, thanks!