Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Song That Broke My Year-Long Writer's-Block

Download art_of_suffering4.mp3
My life won't be normal for a while, so here's this one to last you till it gets normal again (if everrrrr, ever, ever). Poops.

But, yeah, that year-long writer's-block, well, it scared me for a year, cuz I wondered if I'd ever come up with anything particularly inspired again. I mean, I kept on writing, steadily, but it wasn't necessarily stuff I'd wanna play for anybody, or anything I'd wanna be remembered by. But, then, one summer's night, after watching "Patton" (I have no idear why it was after watching that), I came up with this song. This is my band's version of it, yeah.


morselmusic said...

Nice chorus, fun to hear multiple voices!

jack raffin said...


i went into one of the blogger stream of links type thing today, so i don't know how i got here.

but DIG this homemade song blog! keep up the good work, kiddo.

jack raffin said...

also: is knockturn alley also you? clicked on it from one of the links on yr page. awesome/fun/cool songs. and about harry potter stuff too. haha. cool.

becky said...

Hey Jack and Morselmusic; thanks for visitin'! Glad you guys're diggin' the tunes! I'm plannin' on gettin' more active, postings-wise, but having just moved, I gotta figure out how to get back into the land of regular-access-internet-land again. Stay tuned!

Yeah, Knockturn Alley is also me (and my bandmate, who is a cool, cool, cool bass player/singer/songwriter). Glad you like the stuff! Yay!