Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Captain Picard

I'm not sure what this song's called. I recorded it about 2 months or so ago, before I moved. It's about Captain Picard bein' too busy to have a girlfriend; I call it "Captain Picard," but since I've written lots of songs about him, I feel like I should be more specific in the title. Maybe something more like "Captain Picard's Got Too Much Responsibility" or something along those lines. I'd've put it out there earlier, but I felt like the vocals sucked, and I wanted to re-record them again. But now that I'm in the land of smog, my voice sounds like poopies all the time, and it might be a while before I could re-record them and have it sound good. But a good friend o' mine heard the song and didn't say the vocals sucked, so that gave me more responsibility. Oh, damn, I'm too tired. More confidence, not responsibility.

Download cpn_picard.mp3


jack raffin said...

...and continuing on with the sci-fi theme. ah, poor old lonely jean-luc..

becky said...

Hey, man, would it be okay if I put a link to your blog in my sidebar thingy? Cool.

jack raffin said...

yeah go for it.

man, making songs about star trek. i think you've inspired me to do something there. and it's been awhile since i've watched next generation. only got up to season 4. oh man, i'm so gonna try and make a song about Worf soon. (song title must be written thus: WORF!)