Thursday, July 3, 2008

What this song might be about and posterity and stuff

Probably don't need much explanation for the song, monster_in_my_head, or much commentary. Still dunno, I mean, dunno what people'll think about it, but maybe I shouldn't care, anyway. Sometimes I think it'd be nice to leave this blog behind when I'm dead, but I'm thinking that wouldn't work, cuz eventually the world is gonna run outta gas, and that might make the power go out, so there might not be an internet in a few years. In that case, maybe I'll pick some o' my best songs and write sheet music of them for posterity and the like. But, then I realized that I dunno how important it is to try and have humanity remember your music, cuz maybe it's okay to just be forgotten.

I guess if you were to ask what this week's song is about, Jung would say it's about the Shadow, and Freud would say it's about the Id. There.


becky said...

This is a test.

Sharon Spotbottom said...

Shadowy id, sounds good!!!!
Rock on.