Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This Song's From 2001

Download how_it_got_there.mp3

This here song's from 2001, man. Around March, I think, of 2001. It's sort of vague as to what it's about, but that's an okay thing, cuz I think, back then, the Me of 2001 wanted to make it so it was up to the listener's interpretation. Oddly enuff, the 1st couple lines of the song were a psychic prediction of something that happened to me in 2007.


Kenny P. said...

The Very Pleasant Neighbor must be/have been a cool band because your song was cool.
And, it was partly inspired by them.

becky said...

Yeah, they were really cool; dunno if they're still doin' stuff or not, cuz when I heard 'em (and saw 'em in concert) it was back in the early '90's.