Thursday, May 8, 2008


I put 2 new links over there-->, y'know. But, they ain't friends or shameless self promotion. They's just sites I like (the cheezburger one and the coyote one). Just so you know. I didn't want people to think I was pretending to be friends with them, when the fine folks who do those sites don't know I exist. They really don't know I exist. When you think about it, most people don't know I exist, cuz I'm not famous or anything. That's fine, though, because this is such a crazy-ass, fucked up world that it's better to be invisible, cuz then you're not a target.

East Coast Boy. (Click here to listen). I started writin' that there fine song, um, about, what was it? 1998? Oh, holy FUCK, that's 10 years ago!!!! Man, I'm old. It was originally titled "Seals" and I was never too happy with it, cuz even though it had this totally kick-ass verse, the chorus didn't go with it. They didn't match up. That was back in the days when I wasn't as disciplined about my songwriting as I am now. I usedta just be all loose and loopy, and if the different song-parts didn't match up, that was okay. Now, I try to get myself to stick to a theme throughout the song.

Me and my bandmate worked for a while at coming up with a chorus, and we found that an instrumental chorus worked best. So, there it is. Yay!

Oh, yeah, I also made it so 'nonymous commenters can comment. I'm not sure if I'll leave it that way, cuz my brother's blog allows it and some anonymous dude comes along and poops all over the comment page sometimes. We'll see, man.


rbuchanan said...

I like the instrumental chorus - it really works. And it's neat that you have such a rich history of material that you can take a song that you wrote a decade ago and make it into something that you are willing to share with others. How cool is that!

becky said...

Thanks, man! That's a cool observation; I hadn't thought of it that way. Cool!

Kenny P. said...

Yeah, it's cool. And, I liked the insrumental chorus, too. It gave me time to think about the east coast boy and all his fruit-flavored stuff!

becky said...

Cool, man, that's a good point. Time to think about the lyrics ya just heard, cool, man, cool. We figured on an instrumental chorus, basically for that reason, cuz putting more lyrics in would distract the listener away from the existing lyrics.