Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

I'm still dumb, indecisive-poops. No, man. I'm 2 lazy 2 put songs on my disky drivey thing, so the only one I really have on it outta the songs I listed is the one that's not about masturbation. Funny thing is, I've written 100s and 100s of songs, quite literally, and yet I sometimes well sometimes I forget which ones I've written, and sometimes I feel like I could put such and so a song on, but then I'd feel stupid cuz it's not one of my best songs, but then again, what do you classify as best, anyway? It's possible that what you classify as mediocre poopwad music is other people's best, or favoritest, I should say, the types of music they might put on the radio. And sure, that'd be nice 2 B played on the radio, but it's possible that the only music you can get there is the kind that's all boring and stupid, and then how would you feel about yourself? How, man, HOW???????? I'm in a funky mood. I gotta take stock, or take stalk, for that matter and think about just what songs I've written and the like.

Me and my bandmate played a show in our incarnation as DeadPan Alley a few weeks ago, and that was nice, man. But it's funny, cuz the song that everybody in the audience liked, we didn't really expect. I mean, we thought people'd like it fine, but we didn't expect such a huge response to it. It's cuz it was a funny song, you know, about how freakish your ex boyfriends can soemtimes be and that's nice enuff, I guess. I mean, people identify with songs about freakish ex-boyfriends.

The funny thing is that one song, The Devil is Dead, I don't think that'll ever get much of a response from audiences, even though as soon as I wrote that song, I felt like it'd be okay if I dropped dead tomorrow, cuz I've written the song I've been meanin' to write for ten million years, man. It's a 5-sided song, and that's a nice thing, too, cuz if you put 12 of them together, you get a dodecohedron, and that's a good thing. That's a very good thing. It made me think, and now I'm gonna sound unintentionally narcissistic here, it made me think o' Mozart and how, at least in the movie, Amadeus, he was very unpopular in his time, cuz his music was ahead o' his time. and the same with Van Gogh, how he was all unpopular, too, and never sold any paintings, and the like, and I wonder if a similar thing is true of that old dragon song. Then I think to myself, I don't think there'll ever be a time when this song becomes all popular and stuff, unlike old Mozart and Van Gogh, because, well, it's a song about a dragon, after all. I mean, dragons are fairly timeless. This song don't belong to any particular time, although it might belong to a particular time if it was in another dimension. But not of this world, not of this world, this song is not of this world, and neither am I.


Kenny P. said...

Who knows? As long as your songs make you happy, then that's the important thing. That is, unless your goal is to be on the radio. Then sometimes you have to cater to popular tastes. Not always, I guess, but anyway. Keep up the good work. your famous to me.

becky said...

Oh, that's nice! Thanks, man! Yeah, the radio thing usedta be my goal, but these days, that's sorta fallen by the wayside, cuz I'm having too much fun recording stuff that I like. Cool, man.