Monday, May 19, 2008

2 Fer 1

Here's the song I wrote this weekend. It's really, really short.

Download im_almost_hating_her.mp3

So I'm supplementing this blog entry with a souped-up version of the song I posted on Friday.

Download stupid_and_mean2.mp3

It's one of those thing where, with I'm Almost Hating Her, I know what the song's about, and yet I sort of don't, at the same time. I guess I do know what it's about, but I'm not sure how much I've experienced it, myself, so I'm not sure if that's what it's about or not.


rbuchanan said...

I like it - words, and theme, and harmony - very cool. Layers. And the story was very accessible, especially after I stopped thinking about Nearly Headless Nick and realized that I had forgotten the story of the Bloody Baron.

becky said...

Yeah, they don't really even talk about the Bloody Baron's story that much, probably just once, man. It's fun to sing about dark stuff.

Kenny P. said...

whoa, good ones!

becky said...

Thanks, dude!