Friday, March 18, 2016

Bernie's The Only One

This is the MP3 version - it should work on iPads, iPhones, and other portable electronic devices.

M4a version (doesn't work on iPods or iPhones, but is of a higher quality).

I don't usually do political songs because I suck at writing songs about concrete stuff. My songs work better, in general, when they're more abstract.

But then I got real upset about the results of last Tuesday's primaries. Fuckity fuckity fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I really want Bernie to win. So I wrote a song cuz I was real upset, and I felt dumb, and I wanted to do something about this sucky situation.

I really do believe America is a sinking ship. I don't think Hillary's gonna do anything to change that, since she is so heavily sponsored by the Corporate Money Powers that want to keep things the way they are. Things're getting worse and worse, and Bernie's the only person (in my opinion) running for president who gives a damn about wanting to fix things.

I do fear that the life of this country is going to be pretty short. I don't think we have much longer before this empire collapses. And Bernie's the only one who seems to care about that. Fuckity fuck.

So I wrote this song, cuz even if it doesn't change anything, I might as well give it a try. I mean, try to change things.

Letsee here. Some notes. Dude, I have the COLD FROM HELL!!!! As such, my vocals REALLY SUCK. I make no bones about that. My vocals really, really suck on this recording. But, given all the primaries coming up this coming week, I figured this situation was too time-sensitive for me to wait any longer to record the damn thing.

Another note: the part about Jesus. I think in a rock-genre, usually when people talk about Jesus, they're bein' all sarcastic and whatnot. Lemme say for the record, I'm not bein' sarcastic when I say Bernie reminds me of Jesus. He really does. So, there.

Ugh, politics. Weird that I'm singing about them. I don't usually sing about them. Maybe next week, I'll go back to singing, I'm not sure what I usually sing about. But I'll go back to that, whatever it is.

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