Saturday, March 26, 2016

Years Ago

Okay, well, I mean, the picture really has nothing to do with the song. It's just that I thought of a particular cat-Bernie meme but was too shy to post it on Facebook. I was also too shy to post this song on it, too. But I'll put it on here and people might stumble upon it.

Anyway, this song is probly one of my more abstract ones, y'know. I found that as I was trying to come up with lyrics, they were just coming out...dumb. But then I realized, wait, why'm I adhering to Western logic? Maybe time CAN be a meal!!!!

I dunno, man. Okay, here's the weird thing. I finished that one album a while back, but I'm still repeating the main theme of that there album. I'm not saying that I'm continuing to write that album, cuz I feel that piece of work is complete the way it is. No, it's more like that theme, that main keeps on wanting me to write it. It keeps on coming to me and say, "write me." It floats on the wind and lands inside my brain and sez, I belong here, in this here song.

I think I'm bein' a minimalist, in a sense, in the truest sense of the word, cuz this theme keeps on emerging and wanting to have variations of it written. How many variations can you write when the theme of it comes from Heaven? Probably quite a lot, in a case like that. Yup, you can probably come up with lots of variations when it's a Heaven-based theme.

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