Friday, June 5, 2015

Not As Politically Incorrect As It Appears On The Face Of Things

I must provide a wee bit of explanation here so nobody thinks I'm a big, politically incorrect jerk. The guy in the song who sez, "I don't talk to Indians" is Native American, and he's sayin' it to be all ironic. He doesn't wanna talk to his brother cuz he's in a bad mood, and so he sez that.

This song is another one of those songs where dudes talking in Skins form the basis of the melody and all that. It was kinda nifty, and cool, too, that I stumbled upon a line of dialogue where the dude speakin' actually utters a tritone. Tritones are cool cuz they sound so weird.

The 2 dudes talkin'? Y'know? The 2 samples are taken from the same scene, but they're kinda unrelated (except they're talking in the same key). And the singing part, I dunno how related it is to what the 2 guys are sayin', neither.

See, yesterday, I took a nap and asked my unconscious mind to give me a dream about whatever song I was gonna write that day. The dream told me the lyrics of the first verse (yay). The dream also indicated that I should take dialogue from that particular scene. In a sense, then, all the stuff in this song is related, but the connections aren't apparent to the typical, average, common-garden-variety listener. The connections came from the unconscious, and those types of connections are always a bit weird and loose-seeming. Yesiree.

Technically speaking, although this song was derived from the same process as the ones on the album I'm working on, I know this song's gonna go on a different album.

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