Sunday, July 19, 2015

All of the Teenagers

This song is a part of that weird, ongoing project I've been working on, where I take samples of dudes talking and make them into songs. This is a song about this horrible little house where teenagers go and hang out and do drugs and stuff.

It's weird, cuz I keep thinking, "oh, this song has a good hook." Then I keep remembering that I didn't make it up, cuz it's the dude talking (The dude saying: "All of the teenagers around here use that place as a hangout") who made up the melody. I was just copying it when I sang the chorus hook-y thing. Oh well. I guess I don't care all that much cuz it's fun to make up stuff by copying other stuff cuz you can be lazy and not have to think of new stuff.

Also, this is the second recording with my new little recording device thingy. Little Larry's zip drive finally died, so I had to get a new machine. His name is Timmy.

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