Monday, June 1, 2015

Stupid Mister Yellow Lodge

This is a song where one of the main characters (Mogie) feels all bad because he forgot his son's birthday, and he makes the observation: "Y'know, our dad forgot our birthdays, every one." This song is about how his dad (Mister Yellow Lodge) is not very nice. It's weird that it comes out that way - where I'm calling him "Mister," rather than "Sonny" (his first name), as if I'm singing from the point of view of a kid, cuz kids are more likely to call someone "Mister so and so" rather than their first name. It's like the song is from  the vantage point of someone who's the same age as Mogie back when his dad was forgetting all his birthdays.

It's weird because I think I may have completed the album I've been working on, but I'm still writing songs for it. I don't know if this'll be a bonus track or if there'll end up being a whole separate album or whatnot.

I'm a-plannin' on puttin' the whole album on this blog, all the songs in the proper order, and all that, but I gotta do a wee bit of re-mixing of some of the songs (or at least that's my excuse for not puttin' it out there right now, right fucking now).

If you're stumblin' across this part of the blog for the first time, see the earlier entries to see what I'm talking 'bout. Poopity poopy poopy ones.

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