Friday, December 16, 2016

Not Official Capacity

Here's this week's song. It's called Not Official Capacity because that's sorta what the backwards-guy sounds like he's saying. I'm trying to think of what genre of music this one reminds me of. I think it might be reminiscent of some sort of Celtic-Warrior-ish music. But I could foolin' myself on that one.

Weird Version of Asshole So

This is what last week's song sounds like if you play it backwards. Actually if you were to play last week's entry backwards, you'd find out the rhythm and vocal/keyboard/bass tracks aren't all the way sync'ed up. So I had to fuck around with the timing of the tracks, and move'em around relative to each other, in order to make it sound right.

I'm realizing that if people've been following this blog for a while, the description of last week's song might've been confusing  because I said Charlie meowed on it. And people who've been following this blog for a while might remember the entry where I said Charlie had died. Fortunately, I was able to record Baby Charlie meowing with my iPad video recorder thingy a few months before she passed. That's what I used for the meows.

Letsee here. So, like, this is the weird version of "What an Asshole You Got For a Dad." It's a song about a man who berates himself for dropping a cake. It's Herbie's cake.

The lyrics are:
What an asshole you got for a dad
He got sad cuz he dropped Herbie's cake
Can't forgive his stupid dumb mistake
And he knows that he drank too much gin
That explains the mess that he got in
What an asshole you got for a dad
He sees that it's gone

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