Friday, December 23, 2016

Mion Sam Neh Neeoos Neh Hurrah Hurrah Heedamooin

This song's called Mion Sam Neh Neeoos Neh Hurrah Hurrah Heedamooin. Again, I apologize for my perseveration on that repeating death-related theme. I actually did this song a while back but wasn't happy with certain parts, so re-recorded the parts I wasn't happy with. I dunno if I'm much happier with them, though. I guess this song's a bit dark, but it might be hard to tell because this is another one of those weird ones. No, but I mean, the reason these songs repeat certain things so much is cuz I wrote somewhat of a rock-opera thingy a little more'n a year ago, and the repeating theme is the main theme-thingy of the opera thingy. Or, like, if you turn the song around backwards, then you hear that main theme. Yesiree.

Like, the guys in the picture up there are the 2 main characters of the rock-opera-thingy. (But I didn't make them up).

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