Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fucked Up Version of Guardian Angels Song

Fuck, so I'm really worried about the situation in North Dakota right now, and what's happening to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, as they get brutalized by the militarized police forces because they don't want some dumb oil pipeline to poison their water. (#NoDAPL).

I'm feeling so fucked up right now because I feel like Wounded Knee: Part II is happening in America right now. I feel all dumb and impotent right now because there are awful things happening right now, right as I'm writing this dumb blog post, to a bunch of indigenous people right here in the United States. And why? Why is the government/police-whatever-you-wanna-call 'em moving in and brutalizing a bunch of peaceful people???? Because the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (and a bunch of allies) are tryin' to protect their water. That's it - that's all. They're tryin' to protect their water. And their sacred burial grounds. And their land. That's why they're getting brutalized. 

What the fuck? What the fuck????????????????

So, I drew that picture of a sad face, because that's the icon I'm using the most on Facebook these days. I keep on using it every time I see a post on the awful things going on at Standing Rock. I just keep on using that sad-face icon and feeling all dumb and impotent.

Fuck. So, I'm posting a song, rather impulsively, because I felt like this song goes with the whole situation at hand. It's a fucked up version of the song from last week, the song about guardian angels who can't find the person they're looking out for. That's how I feel right now. I feel like I'm a fucked up guardian angel who wants to look out for the Water Protectors/Peaceful Protesters out there in North Dakota - and watching as they get brutalized and treated like shit (to say the least). I feel just as impotent as the angels in this fucked up version of a song about a fucked up situation. Fuck.

So here's the Standing Rock website link again, in case you wanna give 'em money. 

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