Thursday, September 8, 2016

In Memory of Baby Charlie (What An Asshole You Got For A Dad)


I'm posting this song in memory of my Baby Charlie, who went to Heaven this week. I hadn't originally posted the song back when I first recorded it because I was afraid people were getting tired of that theme I was perseverating on. Y'know, the recurring theme that runs throughout that album I finished about a year ago. But, I like the song, itself. It's about a man who drops a cake. He drops Herbie's cake. Then he berates himself for it (i.e., calls himself an asshole). The reason I'm posting it in memory of my cat is because she meows twice in the song - near the beginning and then near the end of the song. I mean, even if the song had sucked, having Charlie in it would have made it cool no matter what.

I've recorded some newer songs, but I gotta re-do the vocals because they suck. I'll get those out there as soon as I can.

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