Friday, September 30, 2016

Custer's Old Command

This is kind of an old song, but in light all the icky stuff happening to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota, I decided to post it.

See, it's a song about a kid whose dad and uncle are telling him about the Wounded Knee Massacre. The kid is sad because of the things he's getting told about, and he's sad cuz his dad's gonna die soon. I've posted 2 mixes because the first one sounds good in headphones and shitty on my car stereo, and the second one sounds shitty in headphones and good in my car stereo.

The picture above ain't exactly directly applicable to the song. But I figure it was appropriate since it's a picture of sad guys.

I got really sad because Native American people keep on getting screwed over by the powers-that-be. It's like, when's it gonna stop? This nation was founded on genocide, and you'd think that in the 21st century, things'd be better. But things still suck.  I guess greedy people getting rich off of an oil pipeline is more important than a whole bunch of people having safe drinking water. It's such bullshit.

So, you know, I posted this song cuz I wanted to add my voice to the protest going on. Not that the song is directly applicable. It's just that general theme of horrible things happening to Native American people.

Here's a link to the Standing Rock Sioux website - it has a link where you can donate to them.

I wish I could join the  protest in person, but like so many Americans, I cain't get away from work. Crap.

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