Friday, August 5, 2016

Freeways Sit In Your Shoes; and All Directions There Will Off

The first song is a song I got from a dream this morning. It's kind of surreal and abstract cuz of the dream-like nature of it. It's a song about depressed freeways. And about a person with depression singing about depressed freeways.

This is one of those cryptic songs. Just one more cryptic song to go before I'm done with the whole cryptic album. And then I'll be able to tell y'all what it's about.

I got this picture from the dream where I got the song. Actually, weirdly enough, I dreamed I was trying to write down the notes and chords of the song but kept on screwing it up. Then I realized I'd drawn this picture of guys being chased by music in the same notebook as I was writing the freeway song in.

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