Sunday, March 29, 2015

Iktomi/In the Form of a Spider Update Poopy Poopy Ones

Okay, here's Iktomi part 2 (it's the same recording as the one I posted yesterday, but with a Grand Finale added to it). Well, actually, it's not a grand finale, so much as it's an extra chorus. It felt poopity-poop incomplete without one. Fartknockers.

The picture is of the same 2 characters as the ones in yesterday's entry, freakin' out about different types of stuff. In case you cain't read my messy writing, they're sayin': "Dude, why do we keep on having these freaky-ass hallucinations?" "I dunno."

Here's another picture of Iktomi, (or 2 pictures of him), but this time he's in his spider form. He shows up as both spiders and as humans sometimes. And sometimes he can be a rock.

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