Saturday, March 14, 2015

Big Man Every Time His Friends Are Around

I did another experiment thingy of looping a person talking a sentence and having it turn into a melody, which, in turn, functions as a drone, and all that.

I cain't take credit for the rhythm, man. Dang, man. There was this really cool - I dunno - industrial? Techno? (I'm all dumb about telling music genres apart) - rhythm on a song on a teevee show. I liked it a lot, so I sampled the rhythm, and I thought I'd be all clever and make a new rhythm out of the drum sounds. But what happened was when I rearranged the drum sounds into a new rhythm, it sounded just like the old one. So, in a sense, like, I stole this here rhythm. Poopity poop.

The dude talking (from the same movie as the last song I got a loop thingy from), he's all concerned about his brother showing off in front of other people. That's, I guess, sort of what this song's about. The "big man every time your friends are around." [The movie's called Skins. It's good. You should watch it.]


I cain't tell if I'm just mixing up genres and generating a confusing product, or if the mix is more, like, better than that. Cuz I think the big-ass drums go really well with the whole liturgical soundingness of the rest of the song. I could be fooling myself, though. But, I keep on thinking that the song is big, like a big old pipe organ, or something dumb like that. All celestial or whatever. All big, the way celestial things tend to be.

(P.S., my apologies to the dude with the football. I didn't draw him all that accurately - he's actually a hottie hotterson in real life.)

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