Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cousin Brian

This is a song I wrote years ago; it's about Cousin Brian and all the good things he has to say.

Admittedly, I don't have a Cousin Brian, but then again, I'm guessing someone else out there does have a Cousin Brian, and if they did, maybe that Cousin Brian is like the one in the song.

The original version of this song is an improvisation; as such, it took some doing to get this song all good and organized sounding. That's always a toughie. When I have an improvisation, things're all loose and loopy and all over the place. How do you retain the cool, spontaneous nature of it, while also making it organized and coherent enough for it to be all accessible to other people? It's tricky.

I was really depressed the day I recorded it. It's kind of a cool study of how psychological states impact the levels of instruments in a mix. Guitar is louder than usual, and the drum is all loud (although the drums are usually loud). But that day, I really wanted that drum to be loud so it would be all plodding-sounding.


rbuchanan said...

I like it. (I already typed out a longer comment and am not sure where it went to.)

becky said...

Oh, man, sorry your comment went away! Thanks! I'm glad you like it; I'm really attached to this song.