Friday, July 4, 2014

Decidedly Unhappy

This is a song about white people.

Okay, see, I was on a run this morning, and at one point, I saw a Caucasian woman watering her lawn. I thought to myself, I wonder if she'll smile or say hi when I pass by. She didn't. Rather, she had this very frowny frown on her face. It's hard to describe. It seemed as if the frown was etched into her features. It's as if she'd made a studied practice for the last 50 years of making sure she had a very frown-like appearance.

It's something I've observed a lot about white people. Us white people, we tend to be unhappy. There's a certain level of tightness to the features of white people as we walk around. It's this unhappy tightness - or maybe it's a tight unhappiness.

I dunno, I mean, it seems like unhappiness has been ingrained into white people in a way that it doesn't seem to have been ingrained into other ethnicities of people. I dunno why white people are so unhappy. Actually, I do have a theory, but it would be long and boring to go into explanations and stuff.

In any event, as a result this morning's white-person encounter, I decided to write a song about an unhappy white person.

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