Saturday, May 10, 2014

President of Your Head

This is a reaaallly old song - from the year 2000. I thought I'd add it to create a little balance, cuz some of my more recenter tunes have been on the dark side. Not that this song is light, but it's not dark neither; it's fairly neutral, I guess is what you'd call it.

But anyway, I like this song just fine; it's one of those old songs that I sorta forgot about.

When you hear the vocals, you may be dismayed by the flatness of them in some places. At the time, I was intending to make it sound like the narrator of the song was all unenthusiastic and stuff. But it came out flattish in places.

I was thinking, at the time I wrote it, that it would be cool to write a song that was all presidential. This is how it came out.

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