Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Would Have Been The Best

Oh, fuck, it looks like these damn song links I stuck on there today aren't working. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I dunno what the technical difficulty is, but I'll try to fix it. Fuck!!!!!!!!

Download wouldve_been_the_best2.mp3

Okay, here's the pop-song-about-love that I did this weekend. I'm really embarassed that I wrote such a song, but I have to confess that I like it, man. I think sometimes it's cool to write stuff like this if yer workin' thru yer issues. For those of you who know me reallllllll well, I think you'll know who it's about, hah.


morsel music said...

Rock it out girlfriend! Come on now, admit it, that felt darn good didn't it? Love the ending...anything that can be followed up by a good "cha cha cha" is priceless.

becky said...

Damn, I must admit it...you're right, it really did feel good to write/perform that song! That is the truth of it. It was a pretty gosh-darn cathartic experience (and it's fun to use all that distortion).

Christy said...

I love it!! love all the distortion. it sounds all American and stuff. I also really like Tired and Loopy - it's sad and sweet and pretty. rock!!!!

becky said...

Cool - gladja like it! That's a real good descriptor: American; it so totally does sound American, don't it? Woo-hoo!