Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Waylon, Did June Call?

Here's the new song of the week:

Download waylon_did_june_call.mp3

I was watching "Walk The Line" on Friday, and you know that scene where Johnny Cash wakes up, and he's wasted outta his gourd, and Waylon Jennings is just sittin' there a-playin' his guitar? And Johnny sez "Waylon, Did June Call?" That's where I got the inspiration for this song. It's supposed 2 B a nice little homage to Johnny Cash, but it sounds more like the Dead Milkmen.


Krista said...

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becky said...

Hi Krista, I only know how to chrochet, but I'd be happy to do that.

Kenny P. said...

That's a funny song, and it reminds me--musically, not lyrically-- of (Antichrist Television Blues) by Arcade Fire.

becky said...

Oh, man, what album is that Arcade Fire song on? I dunno if I've heard it. Now I'm all curious and stuff!