Thursday, May 19, 2016

Second Version of the Hill Song

Take a look at the blog entry below (from 4/29) for the full description of how I derived this song (if you haven't seen it already). (Then come back to this one (if you want).)

The song in this entry is basically a cover of the original song from 4/29 (but I included the original recording below it, for reference).

In news about the hill across the street from me...I think it was a few days ago that the soul of the hill finally left. I can tell...the soul of the hill just ain't there anymore. It no longer looks anything much-at-all like the picture below. I'm not gonna post what it looks like now, because that might be too traumatic to the average viewer. It sucks to live here and see the destruction happen on a daily basis. In any event, the picture above is my most recent flier that I'm posting on telephone poles and such to rebel against the assholes that are ripping out all the trees and ripping the hillside apart. It refers to the fact that I used to hear coyotes at night on that hill on a weekly basis. Not anymore. I don't know why rich developers have to destroy everything and us average citizens have nothing we can do about it.

In any event, I recorded a second version of the song. It's probably not hard to figure out how I made the vocals and guitars sound all weird.

It's odd, because in one sense, this new recording sounds a little bit more like how the song sounded when the hill originally sung it to me than the original recording...and in some senses, it sounds a little less like how it sounded when the hill originally sung it to me.

I feel sad that the hill's spirit has gone away. But I hope the spirit of the hill and all the trees are having a good time in Heaven.

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