Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dip-shits And Dildos

This was kind of cool, man. Both of the main characters say "dipshits and dildos" at different times in the movie, so I made it so they're saying it at the same time, and it makes this cool, um, thingy.

This is a reprise of the "So He Can Get Bent Again" song. It's odd, because the "dipshits and dildos" part is kind of crude, but the music over it is kinda...I dunno...sacred sounding? My fear is that people will think I'm being all ironic, but oddly I don't feel ironic at all in the construction of this song. It all goes together in my mind, but I'm not sure why. Other people will probly think I'm all confused in the writing of this song or that all the parts don't go together.

It's funny, because to me, it's sort of a dream-come-true to have multiple male voices singing the same thing at the same time, as a fugue thingy, to accompany my female vocals. I oftentimes imagine my songs having something like that, but since I'm a girl, I have to make do with my female vocals. There's something cool about having low and high voices at the same time making a mix of cool stuff.


Damn, hearing this singing of mine (the high harmony part, that is), it makes me realize that if I'd had vocal training, I could be a soprano. Or, I mean, if I had more training. I had 6 months of voice lessons. You probably can't tell. Ha ha ha.

In any event, I'm not entirely sure where this song'll fall in the big, long piece of music, when it's all put together cuz it sounds like it might be a last-song kind of song, the way it's all reprise-y of the first song and all that.

I'm also wondering if this odd, confusing piece of music I'm writing is a requiem. It might be a requiem. I'm not sure yet.

For anyone who's come on board this song cycle at this point in the game, I'd advise you to start out with the entry that has the So He Can Get Bent Again song in it. (In short, this is a weird rock symphony music-version-of-fanfiction thingy I'm doing. A minimalist industrial weird thingy where I'm tryin' to pay tribute to the Movie, Skins

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