Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Boring World

Oh, dude, I can't believe I wrote a song about The Boring World. Dang. There'll probably be many more to come after this one.

It would take a long time to explain what The Boring World is, yes. Yes, yes. What can I say about The Boring World? I guess the picture above is a pretty good description of it.

Okay, wow, yeah. So, the A-Phrase I got from a dream. That's probably why it's a bit more complex than the stuff I usually write. That dreaming-brain tends to be smarter in some ways than a waking brain.

I'm worried, though, cuz I don't know if I accidentally ripped off another song. I hope not. I'm wondering if I did. If so, then I do apologize to whoever wrote whatever song I accidentally ripped off. Like, whoops.

That's one problem with the dreaming-brain. Sometimes it doesn't give a shit if a song's already been written or not.

I had a cold when I recorded this. You might be able to tell because of the nasal-ness of the vocals. Oh, well.

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