Saturday, March 8, 2014

26 Miles

I wrote a new song quite unexpectedly this morning. Like, it came to me in a dream, and you know how dreams are. When they call for you to pay attention to them, you'd darn-tootin' better pay attention to them. So, rather than doing work today, like I intended to do, I did this instead. Yesiree.

I, um, yes, am continuing to steal drum sounds from Linkin Park. I'm, like, creatin' my own rhythms and all that. But the sounds, themselves, are from good ole Linkin Park. Yesiree.


Anonymous said...

I like it! Love the close harmonies. And the drums. Nice! When I saw "26 miles," I thought it was about marathon running. -Christy

becky said...

Hey Christy,

Cool - thanks!!!!

Huh, y'know, I hadn't even thought of the association to marathon running! Funny how our unconscious minds work! Heh. Cool - gladja stopped by!

Cheers, Becky