Saturday, September 10, 2011

And They Would Never Stop

This here's a sad song about a laptop computer. It's about a year and a half old, but I didn't get the nerve to publish it till just about now. It's my attempt at techno music. Well, actually, it's my attempt at fusing techno music with regular music. All the drum sounds and stuff are things I sampled and mixed together in SoundEdit. Nifty. The song's called "And They Would Never Stop," although I had considered calling it "Sad Laptop Song."


KokoWorks said...

Am dying of curiosity, what's the laptop's holy name? :) In catching up with friend blogs I realized how faaaaaarrrrrrrr more interesting they are than keeping up with facebook. Facebook is hella dumb. Please write a song about that!
Thinking of you, let's get together when you free up soon.

becky said...

Hey Elaine!

That's really funny, cuz now that I think of it, I never actually thought of what that holy name was! Huh. Probably something unpronounceable wlike YHWH, ha ha ha.

Let's totally get together; I'll follow up with an email so we can figure something out; miss you guys!

Yes, that has great song-potential, how dumb facebook is and how it goes so well with the increasingly shortening American attention span.