Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pitch Correction, Oh Yeah!

Download Pc2 copy I experimented some with pitch correction, ha ha ha. Well, no, not really. SoundEdit has this thing where you can change the pitch of whatever you select. So, I just sang one note over and over, and then changed the pitch to make the melody. (It's real tricky, too, cuz it slows down or speeds up the notes when you change the pitch, so you gotta go back and change the tempos of the notes to make the melody have the right timing). So, yeah, I was trying to see if I could replicate (and make fun of) that robotic sound people go for, in pop music, with pitch correction.

Download Selling dreams More fun with "pitch correction." The dudes singing the uh-uhs, again, it was just one continuous note, and I went into Sound Edit and fucked around with the pitch.

Download Principal man I did this song quite a while ago, but was too lazy to post it. It's not about anyone, in particular. There was this principal guy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I started writing a song about a principal, in general, cuz I didn't know this guy's deal.


KokoWorks said...

Dang, part 2 download is a tease, want more, want more! Really like Mr. Principal man. Like a rastafarian anthem for a high schooler, ha. Selling dreams is like the dark side of a jingle! If you took the a real sticky sweet little jingle, like the Coke song "I'd like to teach the world to sing..." and deconstructed it, you'd have Selling Dreams. Great experimenting!

becky said...

'Kay cool, cuz I been thinking of what the rest o' the Part 2 Song'll eb - ool!

Gladja like Principal Man, yeah,

And, WOW, never thought of the Sellin' Dreams one that way before, but, oh so totally yeah! Dark side o' the coca-cola theme, indeed!

jack raffin said...

haha yeah dig principal man, as in the song, not the man.

becky said...

Cool - thanks, Jack! Yeah, I'm happy with how that one turned out.

rbuchanan said...

That pitch correction is neat. I really like part 2 download.

becky said...

Hey Rebecca! Thanks, man! Yeah, I kind of like how that turned out.