Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big As Tree Bushes

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'Kay, I wasn't sure when I was gonna post this one, cuz this song's, y'know, near and dear to my heart, and the like. I think I was in somewhat of a shamanic state o' mind when I wrote it.

But, yeah, like, then I found out today there's gonna be this song-writing contest, not too far from where I live, and it's for Earth Day, and you're supposed to submit "green" songs. This is about the greenest song I've written thus far in my life. It's green-ish.

But, I wanted to post it here to run it by people who come here to get their valued opinions about if this is song-contest-worthy, and the like. I think it's worthy, cuz I like it a lot, but I dunno if it's contest-worthy in the popular-kid sort of way, y'know.

The bushes in the picture aren't as big as trees like the ones in the song, but I don't think I have any pictures of bushes that big, man.


Sharon Spotbottom said...

Hypnotized by the demonic chorus of trees singing in the background.

KokoWorks said...

Neat, truly. Makes me think of riding along Hwy 101 between San Jose and Salinas in the back seat of my parents car and watching those giant rhododendrons whiz by.

becky said...

Cool, thanks, guys! Yeah, I came up with the idear drivin' thru Pismo on 101, actually - I saw bushes on the median and thought, dude, those bushes are as big as trees.

Kenny P. said...

At first, before I knew they were bushes I pictured big monster-guys standing in the median. They were hairy.
I say you submit it.

becky said...

Definitely gonna submit it! Hey, cool, thanks for letting me know what you imagined them as, cuz, like, I always wondered what people would think they were before the stuff about 'em bein' bushes came on! Hairy monsters - cooooool!