Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Download My grandpas house

See, there're lots of rich people all over the bay area that buy houses and then say they're "remodeling" them, but it's all a lie. They tear the house down so there's nothing but the foundation left, and then proceed to build their ugly, nightmare dream houses on top. I seen it all over palo alto. It's bad enough that they tear down houses that've been there for a long, long, long time, but then the houses they build ontop are these ugly, monstrosities. They're just a huge box because they want to make it as big as possible. And there's no yard, cuz it's all covered with big, ugly house. That's what happened to my grandparents' house. It makes me sadddddd.


KokoWorks said...

Ain't that the truth! Loved the imagery of building their own tombs, when you put it like that I guess we're no different than those of the ancient. Really nice job on this one, especially like the back up vox "bup bup bup bup bup".

becky said...

Cool, thanks, KokoWorks! Lookin' forward to jammin' on the 24th!

Adam Tavares said...

I like this song. It's sad when I see small houses with huge huge trees surrounding it demolished so somebody can build a fake Italian villa and plant puny saplings that won't obstruct the view of the house from the street.

I wish people would smarten up. Those kinds of houses ( I'm reluctant to even call them homes ) are wasteful and destructive to society and the emotional well being of the people that live in them.

Aging, myopic yuppies, still caught in the rat race have invaded the prettier parts of southeastern Massachusetts too and are building ego monuments.

becky said...

Hi Adam,

Thanks for visiting! Yes, you describe it so perfectly! I'm sorry it's happening in Massachusetts, too. Bleh!

jack raffin said...

ouch, sad times yet cool song.

& hate to tell ya, kids but them" ego monuments" (great phrasing, by the way) is happening all over, man. that includes australia last i checked. tough times.

i guess all we can do is dig on making cool tunes?


also, dig, if you will. i killed the blog but am still putting stuff up here:


ended up working (as in, employment) 7 days a week & it killed all hopes of starting a massive fun band. ouch.

jack raffin said...

right, not that i work for soundcloud or anything, but it's a cool site to upload music & share it, etc. look into it.

becky said...

Hey Jack,

Cool, I'll take a look at your site! Wow, Australia, too. What's this world coming to?