Monday, October 20, 2008

Old, Dead, Dried-Up, Moldy, Moldy, Moldy.

Awh, man, I've started recording two songs in two weekends, but don't really feel good enough about them to even finish them. I realized it's time 2 take a li'l break from song-writin' for a while, cuz I keeps on writing stuff with the same ole chord progressions over and over, and my lyrics are all dry and exhausted and old like moldy toast. All that really means, in terms o' this blog, is that I gotta dig up older recordin's and make 'em into MP3's. I have enuff to last a good long time. But, I'm lazy, so I gotta get the motivation up to do it. It would be nice 4 folks to get a chance to hear some o' what I usedta sound like. Probly not too much different from how I sound now. I dunno if I'll use any o' the recordin's with my ex-boyfriend playin' drums on them. I'll have to think about it.


Sharon Spotbottom said...

Oh cant wait.
But you dont sound as oldy moldy as you think!!!
Keep rocking...whenever the mood strikes :)

becky said...

Thanks for the advice (good advice!) Now I just gotta get off my arse and make some MP3's.