Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Devil Is Dead - Lyrics

This picture really has nuthin' to do with the manifest content of the song, since it's about a dragon. But, the double-image in this picture really goes with what the song's tryin' to convey - that owning our own shadows (or alter-egos) is what we really need to do, or we'll be DESTROYED. It sort of goes with the song, well, sort of. I mainly like it cuz it's a picture of a cute kitty cat.

The lyrics:

I am a dragon and I feel misunderstood
Born onto a planet where their heads are made of wood
........The devil is dead
They think they're running from the thing they think is me
Scared of their own shadows and they drink their poison tea
........The devil is dead
Dying on a planet where their heads are made of wood
I have been deposed and I will always be misunderstood
........The devil is dead
................I am the bad guy; maybe I should die
They killed the dragon and they think that they have won
It will destroy them and they'll have nowhere to run
........The devil is dead
I do not care because one day I'll be reborn
The dragon never dies, I'll take a different form

My band'll be performing this song soon; I'll provide a link to our myspace page, as soon as I get permission from the rest of my band.


Sharon Spotbottom said...

Wow, great song! I am reminded of a fun duo i saw last year called, The Ditty Bops.

becky said...

Cool - I'll have to check out the Ditty Bops! Thanks so much for listening and for the feedback!